Pushkov: the involvement of Ankara to the trade of oil from Syria will not go unnoticed

Pushkov: the involvement of Ankara to the trade of oil from Syria will not go unnoticed

MOSCOW, December 2. The involvement of the top management of Turkey’s oil trade, which illegally put into Turkey from Syria and Iraq, will not remain unnoticed by the European public and will adversely affect the image of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Such opinion on air of TV channel “Russia 24” stated the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

Earlier, Deputy defense Minister of Russia Anatoly Antonov said that the top leadership of Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is involved in illegal extraction and transportation to Turkey of Syrian and Iraqi oil. “The main customers for this stolen from the rightful owners of Syria and Iraq – oil is Turkey. There were reports in this criminal business involved the highest political leadership of the country, President Erdogan and his family. We have repeatedly talked about the dangers of flirting with terrorists,” – said Antonov earlier.

“I think at the level of the informal perception of the response could be quite significant. It will be forced to consider these data, and the leaders of France and the leaders of Germany and other States, and to make certain correction, because if this is true, it turns out that their ally interacts with the enemy of Europe – ISIS (terrorist group “Islamic state”, prohibited in Russia), which has the terrorist threat to NATO,” he said.

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Defense Ministry: the Turkish government is involved in illegally obtaining Syrian oil from ISIS

According to Pushkov, so Erdogan’s controversial reputation is an unpredictable politician, “with whom it is difficult to deal with.” “The position of Erdogan is not on the official level and on the level of real policy and real European public opinion, of course it will weaken. This will be significant damage,” he said.

While Pushkov believes that we should not expect public criticism of Erdogan of the North Atlantic Alliance, as Turkey is a “vital NATO country”.

“NATO leaders and the leaders of the West are generally very able to ignore the information that doesn’t fit into their plans and in their policies, think they will try and silence this information,” – said Pushkov.

According to the head of the main operations Directorate of the Russian General staff Sergey rudskoy, the defense Ministry has identified three major routes of transportation of oil from Syria and Iraq into Turkey. “Identified three major routes of oil transportation on the territory of Turkey controlled by the gangs of the ISIL (the former name is forbidden in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” – approx.) areas of Syria and Iraq,” he said earlier.

Data of the Ministry of defense to allow recourse to the courts

Evidence of Turkey’s ties to the grouping “Islamic state”, submitted to the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation to apply in international courts. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma, former Russian Ambassador to the EU Vasily Likhachev.

“If you take together all the facts presented by the Russian side, I think, first of all, they can present to the international community in the face of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly, secondly, upon additional evaluation and validation – I think the Syrian leadership can such documents and actions to show how in international arbitration and the international court of justice”, – said Likhachev. Given the offense that “due to the practical violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian state by the political leadership of Turkey and its military, economic, commercial structures”, “any good lawyer will tell you that these arguments are sufficient to raise the issue on responsibility of the Turkish state,” he said.

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The supply routes of illegal oil in Turkey. Data Of The Ministry Of Defense

“Despite the arguments that President Vladimir Putin in the last few days makes the international community very closely associated Turkey with ISIL (the former name of the terrorist group IG), in the West and in Turkey try to do the steps that talk about efforts to disguise this position, the grey and the black “hole”, political and economic, in which Turkey is located,” said Likhachev.

“In fact, we can say that between Syria and Turkey already had a serious conflict, and it has international legal assessment. It is based both on the General rules of international law, primarily the UN Charter and a number of specific documents, international treaties that protect the territorial integrity of Syria, the Syrian government’s monopoly on natural resources and raises the question of international legal responsibility”, – stated the parliamentarian.

A specialist in international law, Likhachev, at the request of the Agency cited specific examples from the practice of law when such claim was acknowledged at international bodies. “There were a lot of (precedents), related primarily to territorial issues, seizure, realization, and so on. So, the international court of justice examined the case of Nicaragua and the United States, where they expressed very critical about the US behavior in this Latin American state,” he said.

“If you look at the annals of the international court of justice, without any doubt, we can find more than one precedent”, – the politician.