Putin promised not to change the tax environment for business

Moscow. December 3. Tax conditions for business in the near future should not change, said President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly.

According to him, freedom of enterprise must become Russia’s answer to the restrictions trying to be imposed against her. “I think freedom of enterprise major economic and social issue. It is here that the freedom of entrepreneurship, the extension of this freedom – we must respond to those limitations that we are trying to create,” Putin said.

According to him, the Russian businesses do not yet see tangible results of government actions aimed at limiting the powers of Supervisory bodies, while “all orders on this account for a long time and not once given.” “How many are we talking about this, all downsized and are reducing these powers! Somewhere reduce, but somewhere they grow again” – complained the head of state.

Putin also proposed to create a single mechanism for the administration of tax and customs payments.