Putin: the business climate in the country needs to improve further

Putin: the business climate in the country needs to improve further

The Russian President also noted that the expansion of free enterprise, you can answer the restrictions that are trying to reach Russia.

MOSCOW, 3 Dec. It is necessary to further improve the business climate in the country, because freedom of enterprise is “the most important economic and social issue”, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Thursday in his annual message to the Federal Assembly.

“We need to continue to build trust between government and business, improve the business climate in the country. This year we completed implementation of the plans outlined in the framework of the national entrepreneurial initiative. Dynamics are good, but, of course, impossible”, — he said.

Putin stressed that the government together with the Agency for strategic initiatives and leading business associations should continue systematic work to improve conditions of doing business in the Russian Federation, as well as to constantly monitor the enforcement on the ground.

“I think freedom of enterprise major economic and social issue. It is the extension of these freedoms of entrepreneurship we need to answer all the restrictions that we’re trying to make. I ask the ministries and departments, governors and heads of all regions of the Russian Federation to provide all necessary assistance”, — concluded the President.

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