Rosselhoznadzor forbid the export of dairy products from five enterprises of Belarus

Rosselhoznadzor forbid the export of dairy products from five enterprises of Belarus

MOSCOW, December 2. The Rosselkhoznadzor from December 7, imposes ban on import of dairy products from five enterprises of Belarus, which the Agency had previously proposed to introduce self-imposed restrictions on the import into the Russian Federation.

According to the press-Secretary of Rosselkhoznadzor Julia in a few words.

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The Rosselkhoznadzor may prohibit the importation of fruits and vegetables through Belarus

“The Rosselkhoznadzor from December 7, 2015 introduces temporary restrictions on deliveries to Russia production of five Belarusian companies in connection with the failure to take proper measures to prevent deliveries to Russia of dangerous products,” he said in a few words.

According to her, the ban applies to Belarusian enterprises JSC “Savushkin product”, “Rogachev concentrated milk factory”, JSC “Slutsky cheese plant”, “Milk company Novogrudok gifts”, Smorgon dairy products (branch of OJSC “Lida milk plant”).

These enterprises previously, the Rosselkhoznadzor requested to limit supplies to Russia, but Belarusian manufacturers do not respond adequately, said in a few words. She added that a letter banning deliveries the office has sent to the state veterinary service of Belarus.

Special phytosanitary mode

Before it became known that the Rosselkhoznadzor from December 7 introduces special phytosanitary regime for the importation of plant products through Belarus.

These measures are necessary to prevent the import into the Russian Federation through Belarus of products of unknown origin, including products, subject to food embargo against the EU, said the Agency

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Department for the year was not allowed in Russia more than a thousand tons of goods sanctions

Recently the specialists of the Rosselkhoznadzor detained a large number of vehicles imported products on the territory of Russia “unreasonable logistical ways.” The Belarusian colleagues give for this product re-export phytosanitary certificates based on the basis of fake certificates. This year the Rosselkhoznadzor has detained more than 400 such cars.

In addition, the concerns of the Agency makes and the possibility of entry from 1 January 2016 illicit goods from Turkey through the territory of Belarus.