“The gift we never from anybody did not take anything”: started the first circuit of the power bridge to Crimea

“The gift we never from anybody did not take anything”: started the first circuit of the power bridge to Crimea

SIMFEROPOL, 2 December. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday attended the launch of the first line of the power bridge to Crimea, its power is 200 MW. The President unexpectedly arrived in Simferopol and immediately went to “Krymenergo”, where he reported on the commissioning of the first part of the energy bridge from the Kuban, in energoblok Peninsula.

The launch of the first line

“Now we are launching the first circuit, there are a lot of new equipment that is being used, so need to adjust. And we should warn the consumers – the residents of Crimea that there are still some failures. But in General, the first circuit should work steadily, is – 200 MW”, – said Putin before the start of electricity.

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Putin launched the first string of power bridge to Crimea

The President continued: “I Hope that, maybe, before December 20, a little early, at least 15 – will be running the second chain, and it will be 400 MW.”

Minister of energy Alexander Novak confirmed the possibility of solving this issue. “By the end of December, the 20th, and maybe how You set the task, we can do it before, we will try, we further 200 MW will serve”, – the Minister has reported to the head of state.

According to Novak, the first 100 MW from the running on Wednesday of the power bridge to the Crimea will be able to get now. “Since the beginning of the connection, today it will be possible to provide the electric power transfer capacity of about 100 MW from the first 200 MW, which allows this submarine cable chain. The second 100 MW, we shall find, I think, in the next few days”, – said the Minister.

Complete replacement of the Ukrainian electricity

By the beginning of the summer season, Putin instructed completely replace in Crimea electricity previously obtained from Ukraine.

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Putin instructed to fly completely replace in Crimea electricity previously obtained from Kiev

It is about the introduction into service of two more thread power bridge with a capacity of 200 MW each. “In may, I would like you to do this as quickly as possible, to prepare for the summer season, so that was another 400 MW (power sent to the Crimea by concrete developments from the Kuban region – approx.TASS), and we therefore would fully replaced the drop-down electricity from Ukraine, as a whole, even a little more would have happened,” said Putin.

In General, the connection of the Crimean power system with unified power system of Russia on four submarine cables with a total capacity of 800 MW involves the creation of two new substations and the construction of more than 500 km of high voltage transmission lines.

According to Putin, “we need to synchronize with the gas companies, builders of thermal power plants in 2017 to provide additional own generation of Crimea”.

Thanks to the Crimeans

The Russian President thanked the Crimeans for self-restraint in the situation energoblok Peninsula and the confidence of power. At the end of the meeting, during which was launched the first chain of the power bridge to the Crimea, he asked the Governor Sergey Aksenov to convey to the inhabitants of the Peninsula gratitude “for restraint, because they believe you, all of us.”

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In Sevastopol lit up the backlight of the Count’s pier and the arch at the entrance to the city

Aksenov said that the residents of the region with patience took the situation and stated that they “don’t need anything for nothing” from Ukraine. “The gift we never from anybody did not take, – said in response to Putin. It will be a reliable, self-generating system, and associated with the main energy system of Russia, plus its own in 2017-2018 year will be even more than it received from Ukraine”. “We will provide the opportunity for the development of the Crimean economy are serious at least the medium term”, – said the head of state.

The President also announced that in the energy sector of the Peninsula it is necessary gradually to bring all up to standard, however it can be done so that people feel changes for the better. “Assume that everything will be done in the period which we have stipulated, and at a high quality level”, – said Putin

“I want to thank all the engineers, the builders, the leadership of the Crimea and Sevastopol for the fact that energetically joined, worked with people directly,” he said.

Aksenov, in turn, offered received through line energy evenly distribute on all settlements of the Crimean Peninsula. “I ask your permission to distribute this resource to all municipalities of the Republic of Crimea evenly”, – he said to the President. Putin supported this idea, calling again as soon as possible to start work of the second line of the power bridge 200 MW.

The electricity for the whole of Crimea

Infrastructure on the Peninsula are ready to megawatts, which will give the so called energy bridge from the Krasnodar region, can be distributed throughout the Crimea. This was reported on 1 December in an interview with the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

“To distribute (received from the continent electricity – approx.) it will be possible throughout the Republic. Part of this electricity will mainly stay on the territory of Kerch, Feodosia, Sudak. And in this case in Simferopol released with CHP electricity we will be able to reallocate to other areas. Power sources will be connected to the consumers who are closer,” he explained.

Crimean energy has completed the construction of the infrastructure on the Peninsula to the start of the power bridge 28 November. “In my opinion all the work is completed. Crimean energy will provide the network functionality that goes with the Kerch Peninsula, “rang” all the lines. All in good condition and ready to power,” – said Aksenov.

The Chairman of the Commission on ecology and the environment of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey Chernin believes, then, that in the Crimea it is necessary to correctly distribute the incoming Peninsula electricity.

“It is very important to pay attention to distribution networks, to the coming of electricity came, and in the Northern part of the Crimea. In addition, it is necessary to develop own generation. It will protect all the systems. It is also necessary that the energy system is the power center of Novorossiysk, Kuban, were capable of transmitting electricity. Now there is under construction and CHPP of Novorossiysk, which will strengthen the grid. And in the Crimea will be built two thermal power stations”, – he reminded.

Chernin also believes that it is important to keep in Crimea renewable sources of electricity. “Solar generation and wind generation are ready – made sources and should be preserved. I hope that in the next year and a half to be introduced already own generation in the Crimea will be considered independent Crimea”, – he added.

Solving problems in the shortest possible time

An energy bridge to Crimea built in the framework of the Federal target program of development of Crimea until 2020. The project, which involves the laying of underwater cable across the Kerch Strait with a flow of about 850 MW, is implemented in several stages. According to the plan, the first phase of the power bridge was to be introduced on December 20-22, 2015.

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Concrete developments in the Crimea: the dossier

Minister of energy Alexander Novak reported to the President that the timing of the construction of the power bridge were initially hard, but given the situation of absence since late November flows in the Crimea from the Ukrainian side, “it was decided to apply all necessary measures to accelerate the construction of the first chain.” “Thanks to the builders that are here, our power company, this work was carried out”, – said the Minister. According to him, in the shortest terms were also completed works at the substation “Taman” and had other necessary work.

Minister of energy of the Russian Federation also recalled that the scheme of energy supply of the Peninsula involves the construction in 2017 – 2018 two plants – in Sevastopol and in Simferopol (each 470 MW).

Difficulties remain

The commissioning of the first phase of the power bridge will allow to normalize the situation with energy supply of the Peninsula, but will not solve the problem completely. “We expect that the first phase will achieve a minimum of 260 MW,” – said Aksenov in an interview, adding that with regard to begin operation of boiler it will only close half of the Peninsula’s needs.

It’s Wednesday and confirmed by the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee for energy Sergei Isakov. “You have to understand that in the near future, however, the Crimea will be a special status and achieve full energy independence will not work until you enter in the system both branches of the cable, until we build our own generation. And while we will not develop there gas production to volumes that could provide the generating capacity necessary Crimea”, – he explained to journalists.

Overall, the demand of the Peninsula’s electricity is 1000-1200 MW. According to the operative data of the Crimean emergencies Ministry, the total generation on the morning of 2 December rose to 584 MW (before the official launch of the energy bridge). Most of power is provided by four CHP plants, brought from Sochi to mobile gas turbine power plant (units 13 to 22 MW), solar and wind power, and diesel generators. Settlements, lack of electricity, no.

“Goodbye, Ukraine”

Relations of Crimea with Ukraine stopped for good after the termination of energy supplies to the Peninsula, said the speaker of the state Council of the Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov.

“We at the referendum battened down the hatches in the relations with the government of Ukraine. And today these hatches we still brew. I want to say native now heads the Ukrainian language – English: Goodbye, Ukraine”, – said Konstantinov earlier, speaking at a meeting of the regional Parliament.

Crimean officials have repeatedly stated that they didn’t expect the embargo, both food and energy, Ukraine. “We have already cut this story forever. They just deepen the hole that is between us already was. But harm they, first of all, the citizens of Ukraine”, – said Aksenov.