The operator of the system “Plato” will annually receive 10.6 billion

The operator of the system “Plato” will annually receive 10.6 billion

MOSCOW, December 2.The operator of the system of tolling heavy vehicles will receive from the state 10.6 billion rubles for maintenance. About this at the meeting of the working group of the Council under the RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) said the General Director of the company-the operator – open company “RT-invest the Transport system” – Alexander Advisors. He also called the owners of the company.

“Fee 10,610 billion, if I’m not mistaken. 46% really indexed, because it is basically the operating expenses is salary, contact…”, – he told, answering questions of the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov.

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The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation: the system of “Plato” in two weeks has collected in the budget more than 800 million roubles

“As for the amount of 10.6 billion, taking into account the invested funds, taking into account the costs incurred by the system, the profitability of shareholders’ equity, which was agreed with the Ministry of Finance is 10%. 10% per annum only”, he added.

He also said that 50% of the company belongs to Igor Rotenberg.

“50 percent is owned by Igor Arkadievich Rotenberg, 50% owned by RT invest, the investment company of the state Corporation “rostec”, – informed Advisers.

According to him, the system itself is “Plato” belongs to the state, the operator is engaged in its service in accordance with the concession agreement.

Earlier, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said that the system “Platon”, providing the toll for heavy vehicles weighing more than 12 tons of tolls on Federal highways, have gathered for two weeks over 800 million rubles.