The President offered to assign a special status to the key harbours of the Far East

Moscow. December 3. The Russian President Vladimir Putin said he intends to convene a meeting of the state Council devoted to development of Russian water transport routes. “At one of its forthcoming sessions of the state Council will examine in detail the condition of inland waterways, river ways,” said Putin, speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly.

He, in particular, has set the task to “improve the competitiveness” of the Northern sea route and to extend the regime of free port of Vladivostok on the key harbour of the Far East.

“We will continue the modernization of transport infrastructure, we will develop a powerful logistics centres, such as the Azov-black sea and the Murmansk transport hubs, with modern ports on the Baltic and in the far East, to strengthen the system of inter-regional traffic, including Northern and Arctic territories”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.