Medvedev expects that the Department will begin immediately to implement the provisions of Putin’s message

Medvedev expects that the Department will begin immediately to implement the provisions of Putin’s message

MOSCOW, December 3. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev expects that all agencies will begin implementation of the provisions of the President’s message, without waiting for formal written assignments.

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“I am sure that every member of the government, Deputy Prime Minister, the heads of other Federal Executive authorities on the issues heard (the message) what we need to concentrate, and will start their work right now, before will be issued a specific written order of the President on the results of the message” – he said, opening a government meeting.

Medvedev noted that Putin spoke “in fact to the entire country”. According to the Prime Minister, the document outlines the strategic objectives of the state development for the coming year, as well as forms of work of various branches of state power. “Set priorities for the near term, given the situation that exists in the world, as well as the impact of the situation, and other factors on our economic situation, – said Medvedev. – The main part of these tasks, as usual, must be solved by the government. Were identified issues that require special attention, immediate action of the government”.

We will answer all calls, we will act creatively and productively, to work for the common good and for Russia’s sake, we will go forward together and together we will succeed

Vladimir Putin
the President of the Russian Federation

Medvedev reminded that Russia is now going through difficult times. “We must do everything to continue the stable development of economy, social sphere, state institutions, all components of our economy next period. The onward considering the possibilities that we have. But at the same time seeking solutions to the challenges that our country are extremely important, and those tasks that were directly formulated in the message of the President”, – said the head of government.

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