MP: the justice Ministry has identified a number of criteria to determine the political activities of NGOs

MP: the justice Ministry has identified a number of criteria to determine the political activities of NGOs

MOSCOW, December 3. The justice Ministry has prepared proposals to define the criteria by which the NCB can be attributed to the political. This was announced on Thursday, the head of the Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR), on the basis of the next meeting of the working group on improvement of legislation in the field of NGOs.

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Putin instructed to clarify the definition of political activities for NGOs

According to him, the Ministry of justice has prepared a “big amendment”, which is “based”. “And soon the members of the working group’s comments (on her) will offer”, – said the Deputy.

The MP explained that “the Ministry of justice identified a number of criteria that determine political activity (NDA)”. “In particular, it is defined as the many ways in which the organization operates and in which areas the organization operates and how it operates”, – he informed.

Earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the justice Ministry and the Kremlin administration until December 20 to submit proposals to clarify the definition of the political activity in relation to the law on NGOs acting as foreign agents.

In the summer of 2012 in Russia was adopted the law on NGOs – “foreign agents”. He obliges NGOs engaged in political activity and receiving funding from abroad, to accept the status of “foreign agents” with the subsequent entering in a special register. NCOs – “foreign agents” are obliged to indicate in the publication of materials on the Internet and the media this status. For evading this requirement is subject to a fine.

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The head of the HRC: about 70 species of the NCBs of the Ministry of justice considers political

For nearly two years, the entry in the register was in fact voluntary, but in early June of 2014 was signed into law on compulsory inclusion in the register. According to the document, the Ministry of justice can force the inclusion into the registry of NCOs – “foreign agents” organizations that actually are, but has not filed the appropriate application. This decision can be appealed in court.

This law has been repeatedly criticised by the NGOs themselves and of the presidential Council on civil society development and human rights (SPCH). The head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov called on to clarify the concept of “political activity”, suggesting, in particular, to use the definitions given in the law on the constitutional court or governmental, municipal service. The lack of a specific definition, in his opinion, fraught with “political” recognized about 70 activities.

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