Putin: Russia is a strong state, which will definitely succeed

MOSCOW, December 3. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the country will succeed if the society will move to it together. Today, Russia is emerging as a strong independent state, he said in the message to the Federal Assembly.

“Russia is part of the global world that is constantly changing,” he said. “We understand the magnitude of the existing problems, both external and internal; in the way of any development there are always difficulties and obstacles,” the President said. “We will respond to all calls, we will act creatively and productively, to work for the common good and for Russia’s sake, we will go forward together and together we will succeed”, – said the head of state.

Putin recalled that Russia has recently experienced another major milestone when the country was reunited with the Crimea. “(Then) Russia loudly declared itself as a strong independent state with 1000 years of history and great traditions, a nation that is consolidated by common values and common goals”, – he noted.

“We are confident and now, when Russia conducts an open, straight fight against international terrorism”, stressed the President. “We make decisions and put them into practice, knowing that to cope with the tasks can only be ourselves. But only together,” he said.

The President concluded the Message with a quote by Dmitri Mendeleev, the scientist who said 100 years ago: “Separate us will destroy; our strength is in our unity, army, prosperous family, multiplying the gains of the people, and the natural growth of our inner wealth and peace.” “Remarkable words, addressed directly to us today,” Putin said.