Russia took the 45th place in the ranking of information and communication technologies

Moscow. December 3. Russia took the 45th place in the ranking of the use of information and communication technologies (ICT rated) with the index 6,91 points, follows from the materials of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) developed the ICT rating of 2015.

ITU is preparing a ICT-a rating since 2008. It includes three sub-rankings, which are based on indicators in 11 areas. So, in the sub-rank access are taken into account: the level of penetration of fixed telephony, the penetration level of cellular communication, the Internet connectivity infrastructure of the country with the global Internet, the percentage of households with computer and percentage of households connected to the Internet.

Sub-user’s rating includes three parameters: the proportion of Internet users against total population, the penetration rate of fixed broadband access and the penetration rate of wireless broadband access.

Sub-rating of ICT skills also includes three options – adult literacy, enrolment and total enrolment in higher education.

In these sub-rankings Russia is, respectively, 48-e (7.24 points), 44th (5,52 points) and 19th place (9,04 points).

For comparison: in the ICT rating in 2010 Russia was on the 46th place (5,57 points) and in the sub-ratings – 50 (6,39 points), 48 (3,19 points) and 30 places (8.67 points).

In the top 5 of the global ICT ranking include South Korea (8,93 points), Germany (8,88 points), Ireland (8,86 points), UK (8.75 points) and Sweden (8.67 points). In the ICT ranking for 2010 in the list of these countries was not only great Britain (then it occupied 10-e a place).