Saudi Arabia in January, will reduce oil prices for the US

Moscow. December 3. Saudi Arabia in January, will reduce prices on all types of oil which are exported to the USA, while European buyers they will increase, reported state-owned Saudi Aramco.

Saudi oil for customers from North-Western Europe next month will cost more than $0,4-0,7 per barrel, from Mediterranean countries – $0.1-0.8 per barrel.

For American buyers, the prices of all types of oil will decrease by $0.3 per barrel, with the exception of Arab Extra Light – $0,7 for barrel. As a result, in December the price of the “easy” oil will be higher index ASCI for $2.85 per barrel, informed Bloomberg Agency.

At the same time for Asian clients, the cost of several brands of oil from Saudi Arabia from next month will rise, some will fall. Essentially the most expensive brand Super Light, as a result, it will cost us $2.9 higher than the average oil price of Oman and Dubai.