The ECB will extend the stimulus until March 2017

Moscow. December 3. The European Central Bank at its December meeting decided to extend the quantitative easing program (QE) at least until March 2017 or up to achieve the target inflation in the Eurozone at 2%, said the head of the ECB Mario Draghi.

In addition, the ECB intends to reinvest the interest on government bonds acquired in the purchase of new husbando, quoted Draghi Bloomberg.

Also, the Central Bank will expand the list of securities purchased under QE, and will start to buy bonds issued by the regions of the Eurozone countries.

Earlier it became known that the ECB at its December meeting reduced the Deposit rate from minus 0.2% to minus 0.3%. The base rate on loans was left unchanged at 0.05% per annum, the rate on margin loans to 0.3%. The decision of the Bank coincided with expectations of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.