Aksenov: cancel the state of emergency in Crimea will happen after the launch of the second phase of power bridge

Aksenov: cancel the state of emergency in Crimea will happen after the launch of the second phase of power bridge

MOSCOW, December 4. The lifting of state of emergency in Crimea will happen after the launch of the second phase of electricity on the energy bridge from the Krasnodar region. On Friday said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

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Aksenov: a state of emergency because of the energy shortage in the Crimea will continue until at least December 20

“After the launch of the second leg of the power bridge, which will give an additional 235 MW,” he said, answering a question of the journalist of TV channel “Russia 1” about the possibility of lifting the state of emergency on the Peninsula.

According to Aksenova, the estimated timing of the launch of the second phase is scheduled on 20-22 December. “We need this electricity to distribute thus to address simultaneously the needs of residents in the warmth, light and water and, on the other hand, to ensure in the daytime work at least for all enterprises that pay taxes to the budget of the Republic of Crimea, create new jobs, he stressed. – This schedule is being formed now”.

The emergency mode operates in the Crimea from the 22nd of November. In connection with the termination of the supply of electricity from Ukraine on the Peninsula entered schedule rolling blackout. December 2 was launched the first line of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region, which has given additional supplies of electricity to Crimea in the amount of 230 megawatts. Now Crimea is provided with electricity for about three-quarters of needs.

Earlier, the head of Crimea in an interview said that the regime can last until the New year.

Formation of the rescue infrastructure

At the same time, the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov has announced that it has completed the formation of the rescue infrastructure in Crimea.

“In the Crimea a modern control Center in crisis situations, has been fully renovated all response units. In these difficult conditions the energy blockade of our rescuers provide assistance and support to residents, minimise the impact could be,” said the head EMERCOM of Russia.

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All the houses of the Crimea will be provided with heat ahead of time thanks to the energy bridge

According to him, the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation not only rapid response to emergencies, but also is actively engaged in prevention.

“Vigorously develop the civil defence system. Today it is a powerful system that allows us to respond quickly to natural disasters. Vigorously develop the system of prevention of emergencies, it helps to reduce them and to minimize damage to the population and the economy”, – said Puchkov.

He said that “every day in Russia more than 50 thousand people applied”. “One minute and everyone is ready to go and respond to every trouble and problem”, – said the Minister.

75 generators

The Ministry reported that an additional batch of generators to restore power delivered in the Crimea.

“Today in Crimea, EMERCOM of Russia of the five Federal districts delivered 57 diesel generator sets power range from 1 KW to 200 KW”, – reported in management.

In addition, in the region were delivered the necessities for the sustenance of the towns population.

“Rescuers from Novoorskogo AHP EMERCOM of Russia and Vladimir region took place in the city of Kerch, the Tyumen region – in the settlement black sea, the Khanty-Mansi AO in Saki, of the Republic of Tatarstan in Bakhchisaray, Bashkortostan – in Belogorsk, the Saratov region – in Simferopol”, – said in the MOE.

In addition, the vehicles of the Noginsk rescue center of the Ministry in the Crimea were delivered light towers with sets of light equipment that will be installed in places of mass stay of people in different localities.