Apple allowed subscribers “Vympelcom” to pay your phone bill

Moscow. December 4. “Vympelcom” has agreed with Apple on remuneration of content in the AppStore, Apple iTunes Music and the subscribers account number. On December 3, the service is available to all clients “Vympelcom” in Russia for postpaid and prepaid tariff plans, the company said.

Before the iPhone and iPad owners could pay for the content only Appl Bank card tied to the account in the AppStore and iTunes.

To pay with a subscriber account, you must choose “mobile phone” as the payment method in your account settings on platforms AppStore, Apple Music and iTunes on any Apple device.

Proceeds from purchases of subscribers will be divided between Apple and VimpelCom in the proportion that the operator does not disclose. “We are satisfied with the results of the negotiations on our revenue share from purchases in the Apple ecosystem,” – said the representative of “VimpelCom” Anna Imasheva.

Major mobile operators usually keep 10-30% of the fees paid by customers for content from the user’s mobile phone, notes CNBC. In the case of Apple, this share may be significantly below 10%.

Subscribers “Vympelcom” has already received an opportunity to pay your phone bill to Google Play and Microsoft Marketplace.

For subscribers of “MegaFon” since 2013, this option is available for purchases in Google Play. Also, the operator’s subscribers can pay mobile bills acquisition of any content through the app “Megaphone TV”, reported in a press-service of the company.

MTS is technically ready to implement the payment functionality in Apple Music, iTunes, App Store, and iBooks from your mobile phone, and waiting for readiness on the part of Apple, said the representative of the operator Dmitry Solodovnikov. “Preparing to launch this functionality on other platforms,” he said.

A month ago, Apple first launched the scheme of payment from the account of a mobile phone in Germany from O2 operator Telefonica.

The important partnership with Apple to promote mobile payments: this technology exists since the advent of smartphones, however, still are unable to take the lead, notes CNBC.

According to research firm Ovum, the mobile payments market in the world last year reached $14.5 billion and in 2019 could increase to us $24.7 billion, According to Juniper Research, the conversion rate (the ratio of initiated and completed deals) in the world when paying for mobile content on your phone bill 30 higher than when paying by credit card.