FCS by December 1, have reduced payments to the budget by 29%

Moscow. December 4. The Federal customs service in January-November of 2015 has transferred to the Russian budget 4 trillion 433,26 billion – 29.2% less than the same period last year, according to the materials of the service.

In January-November 2014 the budget transferred $ 6 trillion 259,98 billion.

In November 2015 the Federal budget revenue administrated by the customs authorities, amounted to 397,31 billion – an increase of 31.4% lower than the same period last year (578,8 billion).

“By the end of the year total amount of Federal budget revenues from customs and other payments administered by the customs authorities, is projected in the amount of 4.88 trillion rubles,” – said the state Secretary, Deputy head of Federal customs service Tatiana Galendeev. According to her, the level of fees on December 1, “instills confidence in the implementation of the customs authorities budget jobs in 2015”.

In 2014, actual payments to the budget by FCS amounted to $ 7 trillion to 100.6 billion rubles. Thus, this year the revenue may be reduced by 31.3%. In the course of this year plan on transfers of the FCS has been repeatedly adjusted. In April, the target was 5.7 trillion roubles, in August – 4.6 trillion rubles.

The reduction of revenues from customs duties this year due to several objective factors. “First of all, it made this year tax maneuver,” said Galendeev. “The emphasis in the taxation of Russia’s oil exports and petroleum products offset with foreign taxes (export duties) on the inside. The emphasis is on the tax on mineral extraction, which are administered by the tax authorities. Therefore, customs authorities this year in a different format charge export duties on oil and oil products,” she explained.

The collection of import duties was about the same level of last year, she said. “Although there is a decline in the volume of imports for individual commodity groups to 35%, the role played by changes in foreign currency exchange rates against the ruble. It appears that the customs authorities will collect the same import fees as last year, i.e. in the range of 2.1-2.2 trillion rubles,” – said the Deputy head of the FCS.