Inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year amounted to 12.1%

Inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year amounted to 12.1%

MOSCOW, December 4. Inflation in Russia in November was 0.8%, for the year of 12.1%, according to the materials of Rosstat. In annual terms, inflation in November amounted to 15%. For comparison, in November 2014 the growth of consumer prices amounted to 1.3%, since the beginning of the year is 8.5%.

The food in comparison with October has risen on 1,2% in annual terms – by 16.3%.

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In November among the observed types of fruits and vegetables significantly increased the prices of cucumbers and tomatoes fresh – 1.7 times and 1.3 times, respectively, the cabbage fresh – 9.9%. However, 6.3% of the lemons fell, by 3.4% carrot, 1.2 to 1.9% – beets, apples and pears.

In the group of fish products prices for herring increased by 3.7%, canned fish – by 1.6%, fish frozen intact by 1.4%. At the same time, prices for live and cooled fish has declined 0.5%.

Confectionery in average has risen by 1.5%, including caramel – 2.5% candies chocolate – 1.8%, chocolate – 1.6%.

Among other observable kinds of food products by 2.6%, increased the prices of black pepper (pea), 1,3-1,6% – olive oil, margarine, mayonnaise, yogurt, oat cereal “Hercules”, fresh vegetables canned, pickled, fine black tea.

Pork prices fell by 1.2%, mutton, chickens, wheat – 0.1 to 0.6%.

In November a group of motor fuel the price of motor fuels rose by 5.4%, diesel fuel – by 1.6%. At the same time, motor gasoline AI-92 (AI-93 and etc.) became cheaper by 0.1%.

The cost of the minimum set of food products per month on average in Russia at the end of November 2015 amounted 3547,2 ruble and compared with the previous month increased by 0.9% (from the beginning of the year – 6.9%).

The growth of prices for seasonal non-food products

Compared with October prices of manufactured goods rose by 0.7%, in annual terms – by 15.7%. So, winter outerwear and footwear, fur hats, individual different kinds of knitted products rose by 1,9-3,1%. Among other observable kinds of non-food products by 1.7 to 2.1% increase in the price of cigarettes with filter, domestic, electric lamp lighting, liquid detergents, sets of markers.

At the same time by 0.1-0.4% decrease in prices for passenger cars are imported and used in certain types of construction materials (window glass sheet, particle Board, brick red).

Services are rising at a slower pace

The rising cost of services in November compared with October was 0.2%, in annual terms – of 11.9%. In November among the observed types of domestic service on 0,8-1,5% became more expensive Shoe repair, printing colour photographs, you replace the batteries in a wristwatch, Laundry services and funeral services.

In the group of services of passenger transport by 1.9% increase in the fare in the tram, on a 0,8-1,1% – in municipal city buses, taxi, commuter train and in the compartment carriages on ordinary long-distance trains and air transport services. However, 0.2 to 0.4% became cheaper travel in second-class carriages of trains.

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Among observable types of service of foreign tourism the cost of tours on vacation in Spain fell by 2.2%, trips to France – 0.5%. At the same time the prices for excursion trips to Finland increased by 0.7%.

0.9-1.7%. became indispensable permits in rest houses and boarding houses in Russia, therapeutic massage, the identity of the will in the notary’s office, additional classes in state and municipal educational organizations of full-time study.

At the same time by 0.5-0.8% reduced fee for accommodation, use of consumer credit, the policy of voluntary insurance of the car from standard risks.