Sanctions against Turkey will affect the areas of tourism and transportation

Moscow. December 4. The Ministry of economic development until December 10 to submit to the government proposals to ban for Turkish companies in the service sector, the list will be “broad and sensitive”, including in the field of tourism and transport, told journalists the first Deputy Minister of economic development Alexey Likhachev.

“We have until December 10th should make a list of services to restrictions from Turkey. The decision will be made by the government, but we will offer a broad and sensitive set of prohibitions. We are talking about transport, travel services and other”, – said the first Deputy Minister.

Likhachev recalled that the ban will be imposed against legal persons in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey. Explaining what is meant by the prohibition of services in the tourism sector, Likhachev said, “It’s about the work of Turkish companies in providing tourism services and sale of tours, tours”.

The Russian government previously has published the decree concerning restrictive measures against Turkey. According to the document Russia on December 1 this year introduced a ban on Charter plane flights to Turkey except for flights operated for the transportation of Russian tourists from this country.

From 1 January 2016, Russia will suspend visa-free regime for Turkish citizens. The list of organizations who are allowed to recruit workers from Turkey, will be prepared by December 10. All other organizations will not be allowed to take Turkish citizens to work.

Also until December 10, will be formed the list of Turkish companies to the restrictions on employment in the Russian Federation. The number of permits for Turkish carriers is reduced to 2 thousand

From January 1, Russia bans import of Turkish vegetables, fruits, poultry and salt.

Also Moscow is suspending the activities of the intergovernmental Russian-Turkish Commission on trade and economic cooperation, suspends the negotiations with the intergovernmental agreement on trade and investment and freezes the joint project with Turkey the investment Fund.

Duration and nature of restrictive measures can be changed by the actions of Turkey.