Sergei Mitrokhin to leave the post of Chairman of Yabloko

MOSCOW, December 4. Sergei Mitrokhin is going to fight for the presidency of the party, despite the decision of the political Affairs Committee, which recommended the party Congress, which will be held on December 19, to limit the stay of one person as President to two terms. About Mitrokhin said Friday, commenting on the decision of the political Affairs Committee.

“I intend to fight for the presidency of the party. The political Affairs Committee is one of the governing bodies of party, it has distinguished people, to them, of course, listen, but the decision of the Congress,” he said. Mitrokhin stressed that the adoption of specified amendments to the Charter require a two-thirds vote of the delegates of the Congress.

“No one today can predict the decision of the Congress. I’m not sure that two-thirds of the delegates will vote for the amendment”, he noted. Mitrokhin also added that he was glad of the open discussions that take place in the party. “We are an open, lively discussion, and I think it is good that there were different candidates. This means that our party is truly democratic, that is exactly what I wanted,” said the Chairman of “Apple”.

Previously press Secretary of the founder of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky Igor Yakovlev said that the political Affairs Committee decided to recommend to the forthcoming Congress to amend the Statute, limiting the possibility to take the post of President to two terms, a maximum of 8 years. Thus, if the amendment were adopted, Sergei Mitrokhin will be forced to resign from the post of Chairman.

“Today a meeting of the political Committee “the Apple” on which it was decided to recommend to the December 19 party Congress to adopt the amendments to the Charter that restrict the ability of stay on a post of the Chairman of one person to two terms 4 years, max 8 years”, – said Yakovlev. He also said that the political Affairs Committee recommended that the regional organizations to discuss the list of candidates for the post of Chairman of the party, among which there is no Sergei Mitrokhin, nor Grigory Yavlinsky.

“Among the proposed regional organizations candidates Alexander Gnezdilov, Sergei Ivanenko, Emilia Slabunov, Commissioner for human rights in St. Petersburg Alexander Shishlov, a former Deputy of the Pskov Legislative Assembly Leo schlo├čberg. The list continues to be consistent”, – informed Yakovlev.