Sverdlovsk carriers offered to find an alternative to the “Plato”

Moscow. December 4. INTERFAX.RU– cargo transportation in the Sverdlovsk region offer transportation agencies to consider alternative ways of replenishment of road funds, informs Department of information policy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region.

The appropriate appeal to the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov on Friday came from the representatives of forwarding companies of the region to the regional Ministry of transport and communications.

The letter notes that the introduction of paid travel on Federal highways can lead to destruction of carriers and the rise in prices of goods due to increased transport cost.

The regional Ministry of transport report that is received on a Friday will be sent to the Federal office, together with the minutes of the meeting held with freight forwarders on 30 November under the chairmanship of the Minister of transport and communication of region Alexander Sidorenko.

The report notes that currently plans to launch “Plato” or similar system for tolling heavy trucks on regional roads in the Sverdlovsk region no.

Carriers also pay attention of officials to the poor state of the existing road network, the fare for which they need to pay.

From November 15 in Russia earned a system of charging trucks with a permissible maximum weight of 12 tonnes on account of compensation of damage when driving on Federal roads, called “Plato”. The launch of the system is accompanied by protests of truckers across Russia.

In response to claims of industry representatives, the authorities decided to reduce the tariff for the first period of operation hovercraft: until 29 February 2016 it is set at the level of 1.53 rubles per kilometer of distance traveled. From 1 March 2016 until 31 December 2018 it will amount to 3.06 rubles. It was also decided to reduce the penalties for nonpayment of travel: the common penalty for non-payment for travel on Federal highways by trucks with weight over 12 tons will be reduced to 5 thousand rubles from the current 450 thousand For the second violation stipulated penalty in the amount of 10 thousand rubles.