The Board of Directors of Fiat Chrysler approved the allocation of a Ferrari into a separate company

Moscow. December 4. The Board of Directors of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) on Thursday approved the release of the Ferrari unit into a separate company, said in a statement the FCA.

In October, FCA owns 90% of the share capital of the sports car manufacturer, has made the IPO units on the new York stock exchange (NYSE), placing about 10% of the shares. As a result of placement the Ferrari was estimated at $9.8 billion, however, since her papers fell by 10%.

Expected in early 2016 FCA will distribute the remaining 80 percent of Ferrari shares among its shareholders.

Analysts noted that many investors have doubts about the independent future of Ferrari. In particular, other manufacturers of supercars, including the Lamborghini, are part of major automotive companies and can count on financial assistance in times of crisis.

Meanwhile, in the framework of the new strategy of the company is supposed to expand the business and produce not only cars, but other products under the Ferrari brand, from ballpoint pens and t-shirts to toys and shoes.