The EEC extended the maturity of Kazakhstan of gasoline and diesel fuel of Euro-2 and Euro-3

Moscow. December 4. The circulation period on the territory of Kazakhstan motor gasoline and diesel fuel, and diesel fuel for agricultural and off-road vehicles, ecological class Euro-2 and Euro-3 is extended until the first of January 2018.

The decision was made on passed in Moscow a regular meeting of the Council of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC), reported the press service of the ECE on Friday.

In addition, until the first of July 2016 extended maturity on the territory of Russia motor gasoline of environmental class Euro-4. Also have a maturity of automobile gasoline of environmental classes Euro-3 and Euro-4 on the territory of Armenia before 31 December 2016, Kyrgyzstan motor gasoline of environmental classes Euro-2 and Euro-3 – till December 31, 2017, stated in the information.