The Federal road Agency may submit a claim to the concessionaire “Plato”

The Federal road Agency may submit a claim to the concessionaire “Plato”

The first days of work of system “Platon” felt difficulty. The head of Rosavtodor Roman Starovoit said that the site was conducted hacker attack, but there were technical defects.

MOSCOW, 5 Dec. The Agency inspects the work of the system “Platon” because of the difficulties that arose in the early days, and can present to the concessionaire financial claims, reported the head of the Agency novel Starovoit during the videoconference with the regions.

He recalled that the first days of work of system “Platon” felt difficulty. “We didn’t hide. Recognize. Now, we carry out checks, as the concessionaire acted in these terms, because for each violation (the site is not working, the waiting time of a call-center… and so on), everything is provided for financial sanctions,” — said Starovoit on Saturday.

According to him, the airport is practically on the third day of work notified in the prescribed manner of the concessionaire about the beginning of the audit. “After the test we will probably notify all users about its results and possible penalties that may be applied to the concessionaire,” he said.

Starovoit added that in the early days of the system “Platon” was a major influx of those who registered in the system, and the problems were mainly related to this.

“Because of many requests to the site were on the one hand, on the other hand was held hacker attack. Still the specialists working in this field, find out how it was done, and where (who) it is possible customer, on the other hand we have seen and the technical shortcomings”, — said the head of Rosavtodor.

System “Platon” has earned in Russia from November 15. It will charge tolls to trucks carrying more than 12 tons. Now the trucks will pay 1,53 rubles per a kilometer on Federal highways. With 1 March 2016 the fee will amount to 3.06 rubles per kilometer. The money should go to the road Fund in compensation for the destruction of traces of heavy cars. The implementation of the system has been met with social protests, and were accompanied with technical overlays.