The Federation Council will discuss with the authorities the results of the “stop-list” NCO

The Federation Council will discuss with the authorities the results of the “stop-list” NCO

In late December, the Federation Council announces the results of the examination of a number of nonprofit organizations proposed by the regions within the framework of the Patriotic “stop-list” of undesirable Russian organizations, said the Senator Klishas.

MOSCOW, 4 Dec. The Federation Council will bring in December the results of the work of the Prosecutor General, Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs Patriotic “stop-list” of undesirable NGOs, said the Chairman of Committee of Federation Council on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

“At the end of autumn session 2015 in the Federation Council planned the event dedicated to summarizing the work done relevant agencies on a number of nonprofit organizations that were proposed by the chamber of regions in the framework of the Patriotic stop-list for further recognition of their unwanted activities on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the Senator wrote in his blog on the website of the Federation Council.

At the plenary session in July, the Federation Council sent an appeal to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and the head of Ministry of justice Alexander Konovalov with a request to take additional measures to counter “anti-Russian activity of foreign and international non-governmental organizations”. In this appeal included Patriotic “stop-list” of 12 organizations whose activities, according to the senators, undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In this list of senators included the following organizations: Soros Foundation, national endowment for democracy (NED), international Republican Institute (IRI), national democratic Institute for international Affairs (NDI), the MacArthur Foundation, Freedom House, Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Foundation “Education for democracy” (FED), East European democratic centre, the Ukrainian world Congress, Ukrainian world coordinating Council, the Crimean field mission on human rights.

As noted in the blog Klishas, from the moment of accepting “stop list” committees of the Federation Council on constitutional legislation, international Affairs and defence “closely and cooperatively” interact on this issue with colleagues from the Prosecutor General’s office, Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs.

“The outcome of constructive engagement, we plan to fail at the joint meeting of the committees on 24 December”, — said the Senator.

According to the Senator, the presence of a “stop-list” of undesirable NGOs is needed to strengthen the institutions of civil society in Russia. The state has many issues to rely on civil society, but it must be “truly independent”, he said.

“At the same time we are faced today with the fact that civil society in Russia is under foreign influence. I want to remind you that, in order to prevent such situations and we made such an initiative as the establishment of the Patriotic stop-list”, — said Klishas.

The Senator emphasized that developed in the Scenarios list indicates examples of organizations that have an adverse impact on the development of civil society in Russia. “Under these adverse impacts we understand the imposition of different views and attitudes that are contrary to our national interests”, — said Klishas.

Previously, he reported that by the end of this year, the relevant departments will complete the work on testing organizations, proposed by the Federation Council in the framework of the Patriotic “stop list” for possible recognition of their unwanted on the territory of Russia.

On Monday, the Prosecutor General’s office acknowledged unwanted activity in Russia in the two foreign non-governmental organizations, it is about the Foundation “open society” (Open Society Foundations) and the Institute “open society Foundation” (OSI Assistance Foundation).

Klishas noted that in the Federation Council are satisfied with the work of the office in this direction and waiting for a “reasoned decision” all of the defendants in the “stop list”.