The Greek Parliament adopted a budget for next year

Moscow. December 6. The Greek Parliament approved on Sunday by a narrow margin of votes, the budget for 2016 provides for the implementation of new austerity measures with a deficit of 2% of GDP.

The Greek government, according to the budget, expects to return to international borrowing market in the second half of 2016.

The primary budget surplus is expected to be 0.5% of GDP, as provided by agreement with creditors. With this purpose, the expenditure should be reduced by 5 billion euros and revenues increased.

Supported the budget 153 MP belonging to the ruling coalition, of 300.

In 2015 the growth of the Greek economy is expected to be zero if the primary budget deficit of 0.2%. Greece’s national debt is 180% of GDP, or 316,5 billion euros.

In mid-December the mission of lenders must assess the implementation of the Athens agreement on financial aid to decide on the allocation of another portion of credit.