AvtoVAZ: company will not stop the conveyor 18 December

SAMARA, 7 December./Interviewer TASS Alexey Sokolov/. “AvtoVAZ” has no plans and will not stop the conveyor 18 December. About it on Monday told journalists in the press center of the automobile.

“Information about the bus stop on 18 December, the Assembly line of “AVTOVAZ” is not true”, – stressed in the press center.

As recalled in the press center, December 15, the plant will start serial production of LADA XRAY, which will be implemented during December. Only in 2015 it is planned to produce about 500 XRAY with an emphasis on the quality of each assembled car, not on the fulfilment of quantitative plan for the Assembly.

Earlier, several media outlets reported that all lines of the conveyor of “AVTOVAZ” will be stopped for a month from 18 December to 18 January.