Dvorkovich made the ban on operation of wagons with extended service

Moscow. December 7. Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich admits the possibility of imposing ban on operation of wagons with extended service period from January 1, 2016.

“Quite realistic,” – said Dvorkovich to journalists on Monday in Moscow, answering the question of how realistic such a measure during this period. “The President (Vladimir Putin) instructed,” he said.

Earlier with reference to sources reported that the Association of manufacturers, which includes the largest enterprises of the industry, proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to implement a complete ban on extension of service life of freight cars in Russia, including through modernization.

The current procedure for extending the service life of cars is valid since August 2014, when entered into force the technical regulations of the Customs Union. The Russian authorities have forbidden to extend the life of the rolling stock without its modernization and re-certification.