FCA Rus withdrew in the Russian Federation 2.2 thousand cars Chrysler 300 for airbags

Moscow. December 7. JSC “Afsia Rus” (Russian subsidiary of the automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, FCA) announced a recall of 2,213 thousand cars Chrysler 300, the report says Rosstandart.

According to the Agency, subject to review, Chrysler 300, produced on 30 March 2008, with VIN codes according to the list on the website of Rosstandart.

“The reason for revocation was the probability of rupture of the housing of the igniter passenger front airbags driver due to excessive internal pressure in case of activation of the airbag. When you break squibs possible scattering parts of his body that could potentially cause injury to passengers”, – stated in the message.

Authorized dealers of JSC “Afsia RUS” will notify owners of vehicles covered by the review, by sending information letters and/or telephone of the need to provide a car to the nearest dealership for repairs.

However, owners can own, without waiting for the letter to determine whether their car is under a review, comparing the VIN number of their car with a list on the website of Rosstandart, contact the nearest authorized dealership and schedule a repair.

Under revocable campaign cars will be replaced with the actuator of the driver’s airbag. All repairs will be performed free of charge for owners.