Grushko: NATO’s adoption of a strategy against hybrid threats – a result of propaganda

MOSCOW, December 7. The adoption at the meeting of the foreign Ministers of NATO strategies in the fight against hybrid threats – the result of the propaganda horror stories that are spread in the Western media. This was stated by the permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko during the video bridge “Moscow-Brussels”.

As the diplomat reminded, one of the decisions of the meeting of heads of the NATO foreign Ministers on 1-2 December was the adoption of the strategy against the so-called “hybrid threats”. “It generally aims to strengthen the capacity of the Alliance in the area of dealing with so-called hybrid threats, which implies the use of not only military, but also asymmetric means”, – said Grushko.

“This theme is widespread in NATO, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation. Are the result of the propaganda horror stories that are spreading in recent times in the Western media environment.” “In fact, we know that the first hybrid operation began to apply the NATO countries,” – said Grushko, referring to the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.

The Invitation Of Montenegro

NATO will not get real benefits from the invitation of Montenegro to the Alliance. “This is a geopolitical plan, no real benefit from the invitation of Montenegro no NATO or European security. It is clear that Montenegro is not threatened,” – said the diplomat.

“This is an attempt to push the agenda of the era of confrontation”, – said Grushko.

Air defense of Turkey

Strengthen NATO air defense in Turkey may complicate the creation of a coalition to combat terrorism. “We have no certainty that these measures (to strengthen the air defense of Turkey – approx.TASS) will strictly correspond to that required to neutralize the possible challenges from terrorist organizations, – said Grushko. – If the efforts of NATO, Turkey will try to contain Russia, it will be a complicating moment for the construction of the international coalition against terrorism”.