International reserves of Russia in November decreased by 1.3%

Moscow. December 7. The volume of international reserves of the Russian Federation in November 2015 decreased $4,932 billion, or 1.3%, to $364,708 billion from $369,640 billion, follows from the information on the website of the CBR.

In January-November 2015 reserves decreased by $20,752 billion, or 5.4%, from $385,460 billion on 1 January.

In November international reserves as a result of operations increased by $4,098 billion, due to foreign exchange gain decreased by $8,860 billion.

The value of monetary gold in reserves in November decreased by $2,899, or 5.7%, to $47,680.

At the same time the amount of currency in reserves in November was down $2,033 billion, or 0.6%, to $317,028 billion.

The volume of foreign currency liquidity obtained by banks resident in the CBRF on a returnable basis, in November decreased $3,130 billion, to $23,197 billion Since the beginning of 2015 it rose by $342 million from $22,855 billion on 1 January.

The share of monetary gold in reserves in November fell to a record 13.1 per cent from 13.7%.

International reserves are highly liquid foreign assets available to the Bank of Russia and the government of the Russian Federation. They consist of monetary gold, and drawing rights (SDRs), reserve position in IMF and other reserve assets.