Japanese supplier tuna J-Trading is interested in entering the Russian market

TOKYO, 7 December. /Corr. Igor Belyaev/. Japanese major supplier of tuna and other seafood Corporation J-Trading is extremely interested in entering the Russian market and especially for this hires to his staff of young Russian. About it in interview to the correspondent said the General Director of the company Jiro Kambe.

“We want as soon as possible to establish specific and in-depth cooperation with the Russian side, so now actively looking for appropriate channels, which would help us to do that, he said. – We regularly hold business meetings with our potential Russian partners”. According to him, that desire to do business with Russia due to the fact that now “the company employs two young men from Russia”. “We very much appreciate the fact that our company has a Russian youth, said Kamba. – Now we have two Russians who had not yet turned thirty years – Michael and Anton”.

The head of the Japanese supplier of seafood, said that “for example, Michael initially came to Japan as an aspiring footballer, but decided to abandon a sports career and to delve into the study of intricacies associated with fisheries, and for Japan this is a very important activity”. Kamba also recognized that modern Japanese youth are, unfortunately, not very interested in the world of the “fish business”, preferring the more “glossy” types of employment. “For us, the veterans of this path, in work in fisheries and there is beauty, pride, and interest, but the youth of today in these places does not work, preferring banks or companies associated with IT-technologies, – he explained. And that’s why, when we see our two young Russian officer trying hard, the crack of dawn to get up and go to the Tsukiji market (famous all over the world and the largest in Japan fish market in Tokyo – approx. Corr.), go on trips abroad to negotiate with our foreign partners and gradually become the true masters of the fishing business, we experience great joy and pride, both for them and for our company.”

Chapter J-Trading noted that, according to his company, in Russia for the last 10 years has greatly increased the number of Japanese restaurants. “According to our information, in Moscow now not less than a thousand institutions, he said. – We know that in Russia I love Japanese food and would like to provide an opportunity for the Russians to try it in exactly the same form, as do the Japanese themselves at home”.

J-Trading was founded in 2000. At the beginning of this year it acquired 100% stake in Croatian Kali Tuna (“Cali Tune”), which has its own farm for the breeding of tuna in the Adriatic sea.