Naryshkin was quoted by Pushkin in connection with the awarding of Ukrainian activists by the cross of Ivan Mazepa

Naryshkin was quoted by Pushkin in connection with the awarding of Ukrainian activists by the cross of Ivan Mazepa

MOSCOW, December 7. The Chairman of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin was quoted the famous words of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin about “Judas and traitor” by the awarding of the Ukraine, several activists cross of Ivan Mazepa.

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Opening the meeting of the working group under the speaker of the state Duma on the legal analysis of legislative procedures and accepted in Ukraine, legal acts, Naryshkin reminded that “recently the President of Ukraine awarded a number of activists of the regime the distinction, which is called the cross of Ivan Mazepa”. “That is, any further comments here”, – he stated.

“I only recall some of the characteristics of that odious character of the Ukrainian history by the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who said of him: “a Traitor, a villain and Judas.” “Clearly, these lines, these characteristics are inappropriate the current Kiev regime,” – said Naryshkin.

The risk of new aggression

“There is a risk that under the veil of the latest hot events in international life, Kyiv will bet on a new confrontation, because the Kiev leaders clearly do not like, they are simply concerned about the care of their problems with the first pages of the international agenda,” the speaker said.

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Experts predict another revolution in Ukraine in spring 2016

“They fear that their speculations on the subject of Donbass will come to an end, they are afraid that the European Union will leave them one on one and with the upcoming default, and the loss of the Russian market – obviously this will happen from 1 January effect of the well-known causes and events,” said Naryshkin.

In his opinion, for Ukraine and for the vast majority of people in this country “the results of this year look very disappointing.” The final decision came from the fact that by the end of 2015, the Minsk agreements should be implemented, should be adopted and enter into force the law on the special status of separate districts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, the law on local elections, Amnesty, and, finally, the new Constitution of Ukraine”, – continued the head of the chamber. Meanwhile, “none of this happened and, obviously, the end of the year will not happen, and if it did happen, it would put an end to this grave civil confrontation, and possibly on the territory of Ukraine would be restored to the long-awaited peace”, he said.

“But this did not happen until the restoration of peace, apparently, very far, due to the unyielding position of official Kiev”, – said Naryshkin.
The Chairman of the state Duma has noticed that “by all indications, the EU is now, of course, not to Ukraine, he is forced to fight for their future, to save the Schengen area, to search for answers and terrorist, and migration challenges, as well as more solid attempts of some members of the EU to regain previously lost national sovereignty”.

“Civil harmony in Ukraine, even the minimum, just throw from the government offices the current leaders of the Kiev regime, as their main reliance is an aggressive and armed minority, the official Kiev promotes their ideology, which is already impregnated and poisoned as legislative acts and the atmosphere of activity of the Ukrainian Parliament”, – he added.