Sobyanin: the upcoming political cycle of elections for “United Russia” will be difficult

MOSCOW, December 7. The mayor, a member of the high Council of party “United Russia” Sergei Sobyanin believes that the party in the next four years will be a difficult political election cycle in which to fight against “demagogues of all stripes” and “dirty technologies”. About this mayor Sergei Sobyanin said at the XIX conference of the Moscow city branch of party “United Russia”.

“Our party organization together with the entire country enters a new political cycle of elections – 4 year election, in which we actively participate is the elections to the state Duma, local government bodies of Moscow, the Russian Federation presidential election and elections of the mayor of our city,” said Sobyanin, adding that “do not have to relax”.

According to the mayor, a new political cycle takes place in a challenging, “difficult circumstances”, “in a time when certain Western countries are trying to isolate Russia, when Russia is waging a war against international terrorism”.

According to the mayor, elections will be held and in difficult economic and social conditions “in a sharp fall in oil prices in the international market and the associated devaluation of the ruble, high inflation, reduction of dynamics of incomes, in a competitive political environment and the emergence of many new parties and movements”. The mayor recalled that the state Duma elections will be held under the new law, and “these elections should be held fairly and openly”.

“We need to give ourselves a complete report that elections are not a political game, and the real struggle for power, the struggle , the outcome of which will depend the future of the country, the fate of our city, the fate of every citizen and it is necessary to tune exactly to fight, at times tough and uncompromising, as shows the experience of previous political campaigns”, – said Sobyanin.

He noted that against the “United Russia”, which “is responsible for what is happening in the country, will be both right, and left, and radical nationalists, and pseudoliberal”. According to the mayor, the struggle will be waged between the forces responsible for his words and his deeds and “demagogues of all stripes.” “Obviously, against us will use the dirtiest technology, streams of slander and distortion of facts. We can oppose these technologies, the truth and the results of our work. To oppose populism, unsubstantiated promises, balanced and real politics. We must unite in the face of serious challenges, to support the President, to help the country. Each in his place shall do what depends on him – to develop the industry and academia, to provide import substitution, balance the budget and continue the development programme, to ensure a stable social support of citizens”, – said the mayor.

The slogan of the campaign

Moscow Department EP plans to use in the election campaign on elections to the state Duma, the slogan of support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by Secretary of the Moscow regional branch of “United Russia” Nikolai Gonchar.

“We have to choose a campaign slogan. Was offered the slogan “Who’s for Putin is for United Russia. I think it’s a wrong question to ask. The President’s support is significantly bigger and wider than support our party”, – he said at a conference of the Moscow branch of the party.

However, according to Potter, “it would be the statement “Who for “United Russia”, the course of Putin”. “And we must make that point because it is absolutely true,” he said.

Duma elections held on 18 September 2016 under a mixed system. Half of deputies (225) are elected on party lists and half in single-mandate constituencies.