The Central Bank has proposed to introduce criminal liability for dishonest auditors

Moscow. December 7. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation suggests to enter criminal liability for auditors issued for the validity of their findings, told in the press service of the Bank of Russia.

The regulator in the medium term offers to create a system in which to provide services to credit and non-credit financial organizations mandatory audit reporting can only auditors accredited with the Bank of Russia. At the moment this proposal is under discussion.

“In addition, the Bank of Russia makes proposals to strengthen accountability of the external auditors for the reliability of the conclusions issued by them, including through criminal prosecution,” said the Central Bank.

The regulator did not answer the question whether the establishment of an accreditation system for auditors with the Bank of Russia, their transfer under supervision of the Central Bank.

The Central Bank repeatedly raised the issue of defaulting auditors confirming misreporting problem banks that subsequently lost the license, noting the lack regulation in this sector.

The Bank of Russia regularly sends to the Ministry of Finance information about unscrupulous auditing companies, but he does not interfere in the process of self-regulation in this area, because it has no legislative capacity.

The Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov in July, said in an interview about the need to carefully analyze the effectiveness of the existing self-regulatory mechanisms in the field of auditors and to try to exclude these auditors from professional activity in those cases when guilt and involvement in the falsification of reporting is obvious.

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