The Ministry of Finance has supported the bill of new rules of inheritance money

Moscow. December 7. The Ministry of Finance has prepared a draft official positive response to a bill increasing from 40 thousand to 100 thousand rubles the size limit means that the heir is entitled to receive from the Bank from the contribution or from the account of the testator at his funeral, said a source familiar with the position of the Agency.

“The essence of the bill is to change the inheritance law to take account of inflation on the expenditure on the funeral of the testator. Unfortunately, the cost of this sad ritual grew up the same way as other costs of citizens”, – said earlier the head of the Duma Committee on legislation and the author of the document Pavel Krasheninnikov.

The necessity of such a rule is justified by the fact that joining the right of inheritance can occur only 6 months after the death of the testator. Therefore, the law provides that the Bank in which the account of the testator must give the heir or other person conducting the funeral, at their request or by decision of the notary the sum, the size limit is currently 40 thousand rubles.

The Ministry of Finance, supporting the concept of the draft law proposes to exclude from the text the provision on the right of the heir to receive money transfers sent in the name of the testator after his death.

The office noted that in the bill there is no specification of the types of funds transfers, the date of their receipt. In addition, according to the Civil code received on the account of the testator’s funds are already part of the inherited after the death of the property.

The Finance Ministry notes that the problem of producing heirs to the amounts of postage and Bank transfer is not due to the lack of legal regulation, but because of difficulties encountered in obtaining a notary public of information about existing translations and accounts.