Aksenov: in Crimea there are no data on the resumption of electricity supply from Ukraine

Aksenov: in Crimea there are no data on the resumption of electricity supply from Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, December 8. Crimean authorities have no information about the resumption of supply of electricity at one of the four lines extending from Ukraine. On it have informed on Tuesday to journalists the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

“I have information from the dispatch center no. Information on this will comment on the Federal Ministry of energy,” he said.

Aksenov said that Crimea will be able to supply power to Ukraine after the launch of the second leg of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region.

“I know that we were going to supply power to Kherson on the current situation, after turning on the second string,” said he.

On Tuesday, the press service of the Kherson regional state administration reported that in the Crimea began to go electricity line 220 kV “Kakhovka-Titanium”.

Telephone in Sevastopol

In Sevastopol telecommunication works at 99-100%, Internet at 95-96%, said the head of Department of Informatization and communications of the government of Sevastopol Vadim Dvoryanenko at the meeting of the Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.

“Mobile communication has improved. As of 9.00 worked all 163 base station,” said Dvoryanenko. After the announcement in Sevastopol emergencies on November 22, the mobile connection was provided in the city at 80-85%.

Deputy head of Federal communication Agency Dmitry Panyshev, present at the meeting, stated that in Sevastopol problems with communication are significantly less than in the Republic of Crimea. “In Sevastopol considerably fewer problems. The connection is stable. On the report of the operations duty Rossvyaz only 0.4% of the population with fixed-line telephony,” said Panyshev.

He noted that in Sevastopol there are no problems with theft at mobile communications base stations, which, according to him, there are rural areas in Crimea. “In Crimea was massive “rozdrabniania” base stations in remote localities. Pulling fuses, batteries. In Sevastopol this is not” – said Panyshev.

Earlier, the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo ordered to post guards on all mobile base stations. The relevant agreement must enclose the operator K-Telecom.

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