Aksenov: in Crimea’s budget for 2016 will not be the repair of administrative buildings

SIMFEROPOL, December 8. The budget of the Republic of Crimea for 2016 will be social, said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov. The parameters of the document were approved at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

“The budget is socially oriented, I think that such a budget in the other subjects of the Russian Federation no. 25% education, 20% healthcare, 20% – the national economy, including road construction, modernization of different spheres of our life, 17% – social policy. No repair of administrative buildings, no gold toilets. We help people, we lift our economy”, – said Aksenov at the meeting.

The speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov, in turn, said that the budget lacks the funds allocated for gasification of the settlements of the Peninsula. “During the crisis have revealed the vulnerability of our economy, the social sphere from lack of gas. It is necessary to seek solutions, perhaps to appeal to the Federal center. 150 million now allocated is very little,” he said.

According to the speaker, the “penny” in the budget for the development of sport. “We spend a lot of money on health care, on education, on culture. But if we the sport will develop, the healthcare system there will have to be increased, – said Konstantinov. – I understand the complexity of the budget, but we will discuss this issue”.

In the near future the draft budget for 2016 will be sent to the State Council of the Crimea for consideration by the deputies.

The draft law on budget, adopted today by the Crimean government, implies the income in the amount of 67.4 billion rubles (43,5 of them – non-repayable receipts from the Federal budget), the expenditure of $ 86.7 billion rubles, the deficit will amount to 19.3 billion rubles.

As specified in the document, the upper limit of public debt for the region on 1 January 2017 is set at $ 19.8 billion rubles. “Thus, under the bill the budget estimates for 2016 balanced” – it is underlined in the explanatory note to the project.