China has become Asia’s largest exporter of high technology

Moscow. December 8. China put an end to the dominant position of Japan as Asia’s largest exporter of high technology, beating it in this indicator.

According to the Asian development Bank (ADB), China’s share in Asian exports of high-tech products, including medical instruments, aircraft and telecommunications equipment, in 2014 was 43.7%, significantly increased compared with 9.4% in 2000.

For comparison, Japan’s share last year was only 7.7% versus 25.5% in 2000.

Share in the export of high technology have also reduced countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines.

“China has achieved a significant increase in the production of high-tech goods to the country, despite the fact that some critical components still being imported from other countries, says analyst at HSBC Holdings in Hong Kong Frederic Neumann. This country is becoming highly competitive, has highly qualified personnel, and we see the development of scientific research and development in China”.

China is also a leader in Asia in terms of exports of low-tech goods, including textiles, food and beverages, forest and paper products.

In 2014, China’s share in Asian exports of these goods amounted to $ 55.4%, second place was taken by India with a share of 9.4%.