FAS has offered to provide gas-main pipelines “Gazprom” “translatum”

Moscow. December 8. Federal Antimonopoly service proposes to transfer main pipelines from Gazprom subsidiary gas companies to transportation tariff did not reflect the real work of gas-transport organizations, and not the rental relations with the parent company, stated Deputy head of FAS Russia Anatoly Golomolzin at the conference “Gas of Russia”.

Gazprom owns the Unified gas supply system. The parent company leases gas pipelines “translatum” and pays them a tariff for transportation. According to critics of this system, which was first publicly expressed at the presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex in the summer of last year in Astrakhan, the lease arrangements can be of the order of 30% of the transportation tariff for Gazprom. Independent producers instead of the annual display, offering to reduce transportation tariff for Gazprom in two times.

Independent manufacturers also offer to fully liberalize gas exports, to highlight the transport component from Gazprom to resolve the conflict of interests, to achieve equal income for gas supplies in different regions of the country due to the rapid decrease in transportation tariff for the development of domestic sales, but also to audit transportation costs of Gazprom.

Deputy energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov at the forum said that the Ministry of energy offers the potential to create equal economic conditions on the gas market between Gazprom, VIOC (vertically integrated oil company) and independent gas producers.