“Gazprom” has named the conditions of access of independent companies to export gas

Moscow. December 8. Gazprom admits the possibility of access of independent producers to export in the case of solving the problem of a guaranteeing supplier in the Russian market.

“The problem of a guaranteeing supplier, – of course, it’s a serious thing. Look, today in three regions – Kostroma, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region JSC “Gazprom” no. There is a gas supply by independent suppliers. But they are, for example, questions of gasification of the regions are. Do not compete among themselves”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Gazprom Valery Golubev at the forum “Gas of Russia”

“Even the most painful question of access to export corridors can proportion to allocate. If anyone bears the responsibility of guaranteeing supplier, including the winter maxima, the development of gasification, the problems with insolvency of consumers. Please carry the full load, sometimes you will receive proportional benefits, preferences that can be. Easily solved this problem,” he said.

“Of course, in my opinion, the biggest problem that can be – it will be as fair to divide the regions. It’s one thing to deliver gas to the Sverdlovsk region, but another thing to supply gas to Dagestan. Anybody? There are none. Gazprom is obliged to do the same. We every year spend billion rubles for the gasification of Dagestan, building pipelines to distant villages,” – said the Deputy Chairman of “Gazprom”.

As reported, independent producers Russia offered to fully liberalize gas exports, to highlight the transport component from Gazprom to resolve the conflict of interests, to achieve equal income for gas supplies in different regions of the country due to the rapid decrease in transportation tariff for the development of domestic sales, but also to audit transportation costs of Gazprom.