Media: Japan will build in India a line of high-speed trains “Shinkansen” for $14.6 billion

TOKYO, 8 December. /Corr. Kirill Agafonov/. Japan and India have moved closer to agreement on the construction of high-speed railway, Mumbai-Ahmedabad, which will cost approximately $14.6 billion As reported today by the newspaper Nikkei, the joint statement by Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe and Narendra modi will do on December 12, when the head of the Japanese government will come to visit India.

Project construction lines superexpresso Japanese “Shinkansen” involves the laying of railway tracks with length of 505 km, Construction is scheduled to begin in 2017 and be completed by 2023. The maximum speed on this stretch will be 320 km/h, which will reduce the journey between Mumbai and Ahmedabad from eight to two hours.

Japan will not only provide a solution, but will provide a credit of 1 trillion yen ($8.1 billion). The procedure for transferring these funds is not yet determined, this issue is focused on 7 December to India by a delegation consisting of officials of the Japanese foreign Ministry and Advisor to the Prime Minister, Hiroto Izumi. One of the options is to provide 100 billion yen per year for 10 years. In this case, India overtook the largest recipient of Japanese government yen loans – to Indonesia. At the moment the total Finance obtained from Indian side Japan, is 4.45 trillion yen ($36 billion).

Tokyo active in the field of infrastructure projects around the world, but to successfully sell its technology “Shinkansen” has so far succeeded only in Taiwan. Serious competition to Japan is China, which often offers cheaper projects. Thus, on 29 September it became known that from-for financial difficulties, Indonesia has renounced the Japanese high-speed rail project Jakarta-Bandung in favor of the proposals made by the Chinese side. In 2010 Vietnam, one more attractive to Japan’s infrastructure market, refused to build high-speed railway line because of its prohibitive price – $56 billion At present, Japan is planning to get contracts for the creation of lines “Shinkansen” in the United States and Malaysia.