Medvedev suggested that the state-owned companies to adopt rules for limiting the rate of value of purchases

Medvedev suggested that the state-owned companies to adopt rules for limiting the rate of value of purchases

GORKI, December 8. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that state-owned companies should adopt internal rules to limit the cost of the procurement, including vehicles and equipment. He stated this at a meeting with activists of the Russian popular front, commenting on the proposal Front.

“The authorities do not care what they buy”

Medvedev stressed that called in common parlance “government companies” of the organization in form, are joint-stock companies, i.e., commercial entities. “In this sense, of course, directly to dictate to businesses that they purchase from the government, I think that this is a very Soviet practice, and we should not go”, – said the Prime Minister. At the same time he assured that the authorities do not care “what they (state companies) are buying”.

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The Prosecutor’s office began checking on the violations named by the activists of the popular front at the meeting with Putin

“I suggest to go another way: to give binding instructions to state representatives in the Board of Directors (state-owned companies) to consider these issues at the meetings of the boards of Directors of each company, again consistent with the level of domestic consumption, culture, and of course just with intelligence, such internal documents are adopted”, – said the head of government.

According to him, in which case such restrictions will be consistent with existing corporate rules, “but at the same time will not be a manifestation of pettiness from a government that regulates everything, including the activities of commercial organizations”.

The Prime Minister believes is right, and the idea of normalization, the maximum value of the procurement. “The purchase of expensive equipment, furniture, something else is always visible and easy to identify. In this sense, the idea of rationing is absolutely right,” Medvedev said.

“If you are a government worker, you understand that there are certain boundaries”

The Prime Minister compared the situation in Russia, connected with acquisition officials of expensive goods, with the situation in other countries with a modern economy. According to Medvedev, in these countries, officials do not acquire expensive products for the state account in such quantity as in the Russian Federation.

“There is no such regulation exists, but there expensive things are not bought because of this, not because there is a ban, but simply because there considers it inappropriate to do so. If you are a government worker, you understand that there are certain boundaries within which you can spend public funds. If there is a legal source of income, then please buy yourself anything you want. But state funds are not received that way to spend,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister invited members of the popular front at the meeting to discuss what objects are and what their number should fall under the regulation of the maximum value. “Because we have on the one hand, to take reasonable documents, of course, we don’t have to list everything, including staples, although potentially possible and clip the gold to buy it, but on the other hand, it must be weighty, serious things”, – said Medvedev.

He offered to consider other offers in this area, after which the meeting continued in closed to the press.


December 3, Putin demanded that the Prosecutor General’s office and law enforcement agencies to respond quickly to signals of corruption in public procurement.

“On the days the participants of the onf project “For fair procurement” told me about revealed facts of abuse. I ask the Prosecutor General’s office and law enforcement agencies respond immediately to such information,” he said, speaking with his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

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The President noted that “information about the signs of the personal interest should instantly get into the zone of heightened attention of law-enforcement bodies and civil society.”

Putin emphasized that corruption is an obstacle to Russia’s development, and these issues concern the society.

November 27 Vladimir Putin agreed with the idea to involve experts of the Russian popular front (onf) to develop a new unified information system in the sphere of public procurement.

This issue was raised at the meeting of the head of state with activists of the popular front.