Ministry of energy: redundant power supply in the Crimea is returned to the reserve

MOSCOW, December 8. Backup sources of electricity supply in Crimea are switched off and transferred to the reserve with consideration of the flow from the UES of Russia and UES of Ukraine and own generation of the Crimean Federal district. About it it is spoken in materials of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

Total generation in the Crimean Federal district (CFD) taking into account flow from the UES of Russia and Ukraine is now 872 MW. It follows from the materials of the Ministry of energy.

According to the Agency, according to 15:30 GMT, disabled residential customers no.

Own generation in the CFD is 502 MW, of the UES of Russia under OL 220 kV “Taman – Kamysh-Burun” fixed flow of 219 MW, of the NEC “Ukrenergo” – 151 MW.

The limits on consumption in the energy regions of Crimea and Sevastopol are a total of 745 MW.