Putin: the data recorder of the su-24 will not change the attitude to the actions of Turkey

MOSCOW, 8 Dec –. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that there would be no data were found on the cockpit voice recorder of the su-24 shot down Turkish air force, this will not change the attitude towards Turkey; to work on deciphering it is necessary to invite everyone who wants to participate in it.

“I’d like to mention, of course, we need to know (all the data from the flight data recorder – ed.) but whatever we learned our attitude to crime by the Turkish authorities will not change. We were, once again, to Turkey as a friendly country, but also as an ally against terror, and no one expected this sneaky, treacherous stab in the back,” he said on Tuesday, Putin met with Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

However, he stressed that Russia needs to know everything in detail.

“So with this device we need to be most careful, thorough and on a high professional level to work jointly with international experts. Anyway, we all need to invite everyone who wants to participate in this work,” he said.