Russia will send to Syria missile cruiser “Varyag”

MOSCOW, December 8. Guards missile cruiser “Varyag”, who is currently in India involved in Russian-Indian naval exercise “Indra” will go to Syria.

This was told by the source in taking part in the maneuvers of the Russian delegation.

“Guards missile cruiser “Varyag” will go from India to Syria, where it will replace the missile cruiser of project 1164 (code “Atlant”) “Moscow” – he said and added that the ship will stay there, presumably, until September.

Naval exercise “Indra” started on 7 December and will last until December 12. It is currently completing the preparatory phase of the maneuvers. Their active phase of the exercises scheduled for 10-12 December in the Bay of Bengal with working well as ASW ships.

In addition, the planned release of the vehicle, conventionally captured by terrorists, landing on a ship assault groups with the support of helicopters.