The loss of “Gazprom” on deliveries of the Russian Federation will be in 2016 to 33.5 billion rubles

Moscow. December 8. Net loss the parent company of Gazprom from deliveries to the domestic market in 2016 could reach 33,5 billion rubles, and profitability – a decrease of 3.5%, according to the presentation chief of Department “Gazprom” Vitaly khat’kova at the forum “Gas of Russia”.

In 2015, the profitability of gas supplies concern to the Russian market may be at the level of 0.9%. The yield of gas supply to the Russian market may be in the red for the first time since 2008.

Halikov noted that the slow indexing of gas prices, “we are in fact talking about a new gas pause” that will have a negative impact on the entire economy.

“At the end of 2015, it was decided on the indexation of prices, the level of the index dropped sharply. In fact, the decisions taken in 2015 in the future 2016-2018 year, mean that came a new “gas pause”. In fact, the decision to freeze prices. It is clear that the development of the gas market, the gas industry and independent producers, this is not the correct solution. We do not dispute. But please note that it influences in turn the development of industrial industrialization,” he added.