The mayor of Lipetsk ahead of schedule resigned

LIPETSK, 8 December. The head of Lipetsk Mikhail Gulevsky ahead of schedule resigned authority. About it reports a press-service of city administration. The reason for the resignation, he called that the expiration of his term of office would coincide with elections to the state Duma.

“The head of Lipetsk Mikhail Gulevsky took the decision on early resignation. The statement of voluntary resignation sent to city Council of deputies and adopted by the session of the municipal Parliament today”, – said the press service.

“For anybody not a secret that the upcoming 2016 promises to be quite busy in political terms – in the fall elections to be held in the new composition of the state Duma, in the autumn of the same expires, the official term of office of the popularly elected mayor,” – said the press service.

According to her, the Gulevsky has taken the decision to resign in December, to allow the new mayor to “adapt to the situation and time to prepare for the most important of Lipetsk and the country.”

Michael Gulevsky was the head of the Lipetsk since 2002. Prior to that, he had four years at the head of the Lipetsk city Council of deputies.