The Ministry of energy announced plans to reduce electricity supplies to Crimea from Ukraine

Moscow. December 8. With increasing power flow on the energy bridge from the Kuban energy system in the Crimea the volume of purchases of Ukrainian electricity will decline, reported in a press-service of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry said that the mobile gas turbine and diesel generators, rapidly deployed to the Crimea, were allowed to pass the crisis is to ensure the energy supply of socially significant facilities, and the periodic connection of all household consumers in the most difficult moment, before the launch of the energy bridge from power supply system of Krasnodar to Crimea.

Despite this, technology to ensure more reliable power supply to consumers of the Crimea at the present time justified the supply of electricity from Ukraine, said the Agency. The Ukrainian side, in turn, obliged to comply with the requirements of the contract for the supply of electricity to Crimea, according to the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine on Tuesday resumed the flow of power to Crimea. Deliveries are made on line 220 kV “Kakhovka – Titanium – Krasnoperekopsk” with the technologically possible maximum flow capacity of about 160 MW.

As reported, deliveries were fully terminated on November 22, as a result of blasting of several transmission poles. Delivery went for four lines – three 330 kV and one 220 kV.

The power flow in the power system of the Crimea from the power system of the South of Russia amounts to 200-260 MW.

Before the Crimea is almost entirely dependent on supply of electricity from Ukraine. Average Peninsula – 1000 MW. After the cessation of supplies from Ukraine in the Crimea were sent to mobile units and diesel generators. The first line of energy bridge for gas supplies from the South of Russia was launched in early December.

The problem of dependence of the region from Ukraine will be fully resolved with the launch of all the phases of the power bridge and the construction of new generation in Crimea.