“Uralmash NGO holding” plans to supply Iran with 24 drilling rigs for oil wells

“Uralmash NGO holding” plans to supply Iran with 24 drilling rigs for oil wells

YEKATERINBURG, December 8. The company “Uralmash NGO holding” plans to sign a contract with Iran on the supply of 24 drilling rigs for oil and gas wells, said company Deputy General Director for strategic development and investment Michael Belzer.

According to him, negotiations are continuing, but it is expected that the contract will be signed soon on 12 plants. “If the first part 12 successfully pass, then signed a further 12 units. I think within a month or two (will be a signed contract – approx.)”, said Belser.

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Deputy Director of engineering Andrew Georgas said that the technical mission to Iran has been agreed. “Almost all the equipment agreed class, the load capacity of the rig. A good amount of looks – 12 heavy plant plus an option for 12. Now negotiations are conducted, think must be a contract,” he said.

Belzer also added that now the company has contracts with Venezuela, is actively working with Argentina, Pakistan. “In Argentina a small decline – there are about 4-8 drilling, Pakistan – modernisation of old drilling rigs and the delivery of four new” – said the Agency interlocutor, noting that in 2016 the company has contracts for the delivery of 25 rigs.

“Uralmash NGO holding” – the Russian manufacturer of drilling rigs for production and deep exploration drilling. Since 2010, customers shipped more than 100 sets of modern high-performance drilling rigs and sets of drilling equipment. A strategic partner of the company is Gazprombank.