“A conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”. Text translation

Prime Minister speaks on Wednesday in the program “Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”. The Prime Minister, by tradition, live sums up the year and talks about plans for the future, answering questions of journalists in several Russian TV channels.

12.23 GMT Medvedev believes that the move to a progressive tax on income of natural persons means to cut the chicken with Golden eggs.

12.22 GMT “Holy, nobody attempts who would encroach, on the arms will give and other parts of the body,” said Dmitry Medvedev, answering a question about challenging anyone to free health care.

At the same time, Medvedev stressed that the regulation in this area is needed. In addition, he continued, the authorities must ensure that health guarantees to meet modern technical requirements.

12.21 GMT 13% income tax, introduced in 2000, was 100% successful, said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

12.20 Moscow time the Central Bank will continue to purchase foreign currency to replenish reserves, said Medvedev.

12.19 GMT the Prime Minister said that the Federal reserve will allow you to survive the difficulties, although they are finite.

12.18 MSK Medvedev believes that any Minister of Finance is obliged to dramatize the situation, then it is.

12.17 MSK high-Tech medical care will be funded by direct calculation from the budget, said the head of the Cabinet.

12.14 GMT education Budget in 2016 will be reduced by a fraction of a percent, the health budget will grow, social priorities remain, stated Medvedev.

12.11 GMT the decline of the economy and production is suspended, the next year will be a year of growth, said the head of government. “Our task was to stop the decline of the industry. I can say that the decline of the economy and the decline in production is suspended, said Medvedev. We believe that next year we will grow”.

12.10 Moscow time , Medvedev believes the right decision the growth of defense spending, adopted five years ago.

“We are really in a period of time agreed to increase expenditure on defence industry. So, this was almost five years ago. I believe that we miscalculated what we have done is absolutely correct, because by that time, unfortunately, the state of our military equipment, and, in fact, the state of our Armed Forces have been significantly below requirements”, – he declared in interview to Federal TV channels.

“Now we’ve brought these costs to world levels and our task is to re-equip with new weapons, new military technology (Armed Forces) by 2020, almost 70%, and this will be done. No doubt can’t be”, – said Medvedev.

12.09 GMT the anti-Crisis plan of the government work, said the Prime Minister. “The situation is really difficult, though, as you recall, last years light we were not. If we talk about my grades, I can say that the crisis plan worked, stressed the Prime Minister. He allowed us to endure the most difficult period this year.”

12.08 GMT Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev assured that Russia has a “plan b” and even a “plan C” in case of unfavorable oil conjuncture.

“Of course, we assume at the moment from a realistic scenario (of economic development). But we would be bad managers, if it had no “plan b” and even “plan C” if necessary for this situation”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

12.07 MSK Realistic projection for growth in 2016 – about 1%, said Medvedev. “Relatively optimistic assessments of economic growth – around percent,” he said.

12.06 GMT Really reduce inflation to 6.4% in 2016, said the Prime Minister. “We can certainly two times to reduce inflation, almost to 6.4%, as expected. Because inflation has already slowed,” said the Prime Minister.

12.04 MSC agricultural Growth in 2015 will be 2.5-3%. “The situation is quite good, as this year we will receive from 2.5 to 3% growth in agriculture – and this at a code, we have a number of limitations, primarily financial,” he said.

12.03 GMT the Financial system was maintained, the banking system is working properly. “We have our financial system supported. And the banking system is functioning normally”, – said Medvedev.

“One may long to talk about what you need to have income of each person, you should try to index the payments. But if the financial system fails, if the banking system collapses – all”, – said the head of government.

12.02 Moscow time the meeting Started the Prime Minister with journalists in a live broadcast on Russian television. The Prime Minister greeted the journalists.

11.30 MSK Interview traditionally begins at noon Moscow time.

Questions to Medvedev, and last year, asked the presenter of the program “Sunday time” on “the First channel” Irada Zeynalova and author and presenter of the program “Vesti on Saturday” VGTRK Sergey Brilev.

The other three interviewer was replaced. From NTV’s “Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev” is Kirill Pozdnyakov (author and presenter, “Pozdnyakov”), from TV channel “the Rain” – author and presenter of the final analytical program Michael Fishman. Instead of the REN TV channel this year in the “Conversation” involved the RBC, which is editor in chief Elizaveta Osetinskaya.